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Orajnoitik Noy’: It’s too Bold and Daring
Category: News
Published Date:20th December,2013

India is the land which is blessed with sanctity and holiness in its most elegant manner. Epics like Mahabaratha and Ramayana originated from this land, and it played a crucial role in maintaining humanly nature of people all across the country. According to Indian philosophy, we live each and every day to eradicate our sins. If denying the truth is considered as sin, then we are doing it every day intentionally or unintentionally.
Robin Das, the man who shot to fame with shorts like, Aya Chanda Mama and Windows calls you is now back in action with his new movie titled as ‘Orajnoitik Noy’.
Robin Das tries to make a myth filled political thriller in ‘Orajnoitik Noy’ and if reports are to be believed, he has made it to perfection. The movie portrays the story of a lady who tries to investigate the wax house incidents which happened in Mahabaratha. The incidents occurred 5000 years ago, but still she sets out for an investigation with the help of a retired police personnel.
The movie is written by director himself, and it is being produced by Subhash Ahuja. The film stars, Debolina Maity, Biswajit Sarkar, Moonmoon Sen and Subhash Ahuja in the lead roles. All these actors have done a remarkable job, and the same is in the case of technical side. ‘Enjoy viewing Orajnoitik Noy and feel the difference’