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Ya,Looking for u for making movies for protection to womens

Please watch My Last Movie in IMDB(ORAJNOITIK NOY).I am Looking for a Producer in Upcoming Project. connect to the mail theartsindia at g mail dot com.
My movies is shooted in guerrilla style with low budget.My debut feature film(Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(And Lost Soul),2012.Fiction.91min.) bagged official selection to Festival De Cine De Bogota(FIAPF) 2012,Golden Aphrodite – First Feature Films Premieres, Special screening to Cairo Film Festival 2012 its market.
News from:
Press Trust of India
(Kolkata November 11, 2012 16:45 IST)
Engineer-turned-filmmaker Robin Das, recipient of Bengal Film Journalist Association’s best documentary maker in 2004, has been invited to the prestigious Cairo film festival for the screening his debut feature film “Ek Paye Royecho Dariye”.
“Got a communique that my film will be shown in Palasis Du festival on Cairo Film Festival Market. It is a real honour for an experimental film which did not have conventional shooting schedules like other Tollywood movies,”
Feed Back from International film world: All Lights Film Magazine:
‘Enjoy viewing Orajnoitik Noy and feel the difference’:
”your work was able to transport us to the distant future, the forgotten past, and worlds most people could not even imagine. ” Slamdance Film Festival Programming Team.
1.Lovers’ Paradise(Docu,2003)
2.Jawaliwanabag of Bengal(Docu,2004)
3.Aya Chand Mama(Short,2005)
4.The Missing President & His Army(Docu,2006)
6.Man,Freedom & God(Docu,2007)
7.Window calls U(short,2008)
8.Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(Feature Film,2012)
9.Orajnoitik Noy(Feature Film,2013).


About robinfilmmaker

Filmography: .Santi,(Micro short,2017) .Orajnoitik Noy(Politics),(Feature Film,117’.2013.) .Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(And Lost Soul),(Feature Film,97’,2012) .Window calls u,(short,2008,) .Man,Freedom & God,(Docu,2007) .Peace (short) .Aya Chand Mama,(Short,2005) .Jawalinwala of Bengal,(Docu,2004) .Lovers’ Paradise,(Docu,2003) (you may write to

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