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Orajnoitik Noy(politics)

Orajnoitik Noy(Politics):Robin Das's 2nd feature

Still:Orajnoitik Noy

Myth,political thriller.


Cast:Debolina Maity,Biswajit Sarkar

Music:Ablu Chakraborty

Sound:Anup Mukherjee

Producer:Subhash Ahuja

Story,Script,Direction:Robin Das

Still:orajnoitik Noy

 Log line:A lady is going to investigate wax house incidents of Mahabharato(5000 years old incident) in recent days.


 Synopsis (Short):A young teacher finds herself involved in a sinister political mystery. Her father had been killed in a similar encounter a few years before so it is up to his spirit to try and protect her through the process of her investigation . Can she unmask the killers’ identity? This is an unknown story of a familiar India.

Still:Orajnoitik Noy

 Synopsis(Long):A man lay dead on the road. The girl could have left the site, having seen the body, since it is not unnatural in India to look past a dead body but she did not. She went to a political leader for help but could not avail it. This girl , Minu, is the protagonist…

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