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Bengali very low budget feature film ORAJNOITIK NOY(Ploitics) wins international accreditation for creation of new cinema style as Slamdance Film Festival (USA)says to Writer Director Robin Das

After all is said and done, we owe each and every one of you a debt of gratitude. This year, we were inspired to see the dedication to originality that still exists in an industry that seems evermore helplessly engulfed by the Hollywood machine. The stories you dared to tell, the gorgeous landscapes and moods you captured, and the risks you took in style and execution challenge us to achieve more in the years to come, both as programmers and as filmmakers.
We saw your willingness to tramp into the wilderness, set props on fire, send your cameras downriver, destroy your own apartments, and stay up all night to catch the light when it is just perfect, all for the sake of the bigger picture. As a result, your work was able to transport us to the distant future, the forgotten past, and worlds most people could not even imagine. Whether you screen at Slamdance is ultimately irrelevant; you are vital to the health and spirit of this industry, and the most important thing is that you never let anyone else& deter you from your work.
Yours in cinema,
Slamdance Programming Team

Film Link

Director’s Link in facebook





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