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A movie of life-altering experiences

robin 1Orajnoitik Noy: My 2nd Feature Film.

Why did I make this film?

Indian philosophy says by living each day we eradicate our sins. What is sin? Is it denying the truth? We do it almost everyday. We do it for our smooth living. Yet we prefer to be called human -beings. I have tried to search for truth about justice in this film , in my own way. The Indian myth speaks of Gods being born twice, as Ram and Krishna. There is also Shiva — the omnipresent! My film in a way is his search with a belief that justice will prevail.

What is the story?

Orajnoitik Noy(politics)

Orajnoitik Noy(politics)

Log line:A lady is going to investigate wax house incidents of Mahabharato(5000 years old incident) in recent days.

Synopsis (Short):A young teacher finds herself involved in a sinister political mystery. Her father had been killed in a similar encounter a few years before so it is up to his spirit to try and protect her through the process of her investigation . Can she unmask the killers’ identity? This is an unknown story of a familiar India.


Synopsis(Long):A man lay dead on the road. The girl could have left the site, having seen the body, since it is not unnatural in India to look past a dead body but she did not. She went to a political leader for help but could not avail it. This girl , Minu, is the protagonist of the film . She is teacher and riding her own bike , looks for her father who is no more and his killers.

Minu’s was a small family and her father was murdered by the political goons. He was a victim to the politics which believed in killing to evoke fear . It also meant wielding power on women to enjoy them .

Who are these assassins? How are they related to the man they killed?

Minu teaches a girl. She earns a living teaching. There she comes to know about 4 men being burnt alive. She is reminded of her childhood days. 5000 years ago wax-houses were built to nullify any kind of opposition which meant a political threat to the rulers. The same happens even today.

Minu sets out for a search of these killers. She is asked not to tread this path of danger by a man named Lighthouse who his also a political victim– his sanity being questioned after he goes through a personal tragedy.

Minu meets a nature-loving person in course of her investigation. A retired police personnel, he is building a nature-park . Minu enjoys his company. But Lighthouse warns her of danger.

Danger is what she lives with . Her mother is mentally unfit. She sees her father in her dreams. He asks Minu , not to give up her fight for the rights of justice for the common people, to bring to daylight the truth about the murders. The image of Shiv, the God of destruction, who destroys to establish justice, haunts her.

Minu finds the killers. Lighthouse helps her in her search . The facts of the life of Mr Dutta , a political leader and a killer is not unknown to Minu anymore. She makes use of the social networking sites for all information.. What happens next is to be seen in the film…

Orajnoitik Noy (Politics)

Orajnoitik Noy (Politics)

Movie details:

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Myth,political thriller.


Cast:Debolina Maity,Biswajit Sarkar

Music:Ablu Chakraborty

Sound:Anup Mukherjee

Producer:Subhash Ahuja

Story,Script,Direction:Robin das




Official Selection

Official Selection

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