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My film deals with the subject of the search of soul . In the language of film I have tried to trace this journey seeking answers for it in the existing political system and human relationships. My crew of cinematographer, cameraman , editor— all seemed to become a part of this search. It was very surprising almost shocking when one day while making the film my cinematographer Musaur Rahman went missing. A sensitive person that he is, his disappearance meant he had his own thoughts to address to . When we were sure that no untoward incident had happened to him , we came to know that the idea of the embodiment of soul and seeking for it in complex life-situations had created an explicit impression upon him and he needed to get away from a duty-bound life in search of the answers to his own queries regarding human existence.
As a film-maker I feel humbled that my film could raise in his heart this urge , these questions which go beyond the structured and formalized existence that we are expected to live. Isn’t film-making also about provoking thoughts that will lead humanity to the fields of newer realizations, deeper insights into life and its intricacies?

Robin Das, director of MAN, FREEDOM AND GOD documentary on India

Cinema Minima’s Twitter community welcomes independent filmmaker Robin Das. He lives and works in Ichipore, Kolkata, India. His documentary — MAN, FREEDOM AND GOD — is an essay on how contemporary India relates to its struggles for independence in the twentieth century.

A 5 genre film

R Das(Robin Das) ‘s Debut Feature Film”EK PAYE ROYECHO DARIYE”:Official selection at the Golden Aphrodite – First Feature Films Premieres 2012 & Festival de Cine de Bogotá,Cairo Film festival FM(FIAPF)


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Filmography: .Santi,(Micro short,2017) .Orajnoitik Noy(Politics),(Feature Film,117’.2013.) .Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(And Lost Soul),(Feature Film,97’,2012) .Window calls u,(short,2008,) .Man,Freedom & God,(Docu,2007) .Peace (short) .Aya Chand Mama,(Short,2005) .Jawalinwala of Bengal,(Docu,2004) .Lovers’ Paradise,(Docu,2003) (you may write to

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